"We're from Quebec, which is the only French speaking province in Canada," Despised Icon vocalist Alex Erian told Noisecreep. "Our background and culture is different from the rest of our country." In honor of the chilly landscape the band calls home, Erian enlightened Noisecreep about some of the best things about being Quebecois!

Poutine. Not protein, but poutine. "It is a delicious mix of fries, cheese chunks and gravy. Everybody eats it here. McDonald's even sells poutine in Quebec." Anyone hear those Quebecois arteries hardening?

Speaking French.
"You can talk shit all you want on tour and never get caught and the ladies love to hear us speak it. Our pronunciation, slang and expressions are way different then what you'd hear in France, just as different as American and Australian English, for example." Sounds like Despised Icon has a certain je ne sais quoi.

Safety! "Our crime rate is lower then anywhere in America and we have free health-care!"

Despite their pretty French accents and their love for a quirky cheese, gravy and fries concoction, Despised Icon have been lauded in the metal underground as one of the best fiercely metallic bands to emerge in the past half-decade. They will release their fourth album, 'Day of Mourning,' on September 22 via Century Media.

"I guess we've had our share of luck and success in the metal underground," Erian pontificated regarding the accolades thrown the band's way. "We're going to Europe next week and just got announced for the Thrash & Burn and Never Say Die tours as well. We've worked hard to get to this point, touring year-long for almost five years already, while putting out records. We've been around years before the trend and we'll always be a step ahead of the pack."

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