Happy birthday, David Lee Roth! Today (Oct. 10), Diamond Dave turns an amazingly young 58.

To celebrate, Noisecreep thought it would be fun to count down some crazy and interesting facts about the Van Halen frontman. Cake is optional, frosting is not.

1. Did you know... that Dave is the one who suggested the name Van Halen to brothers Alex and Eddie? Van Halen was previously called Mammoth.

2. Did you know... that Dave worked as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in New York in the early 2000s? Back in 2004, Roth told 'People' magazine that being an EMT was a "perfect job."

3. Did you know... that Dave went on extreme sport-type expeditions to pleaces like the Amazon and Nepal during the '80s with a group of fellow adventurers that called itself the "Jungle Studs."

4. Did you know that... Dave ran the New York City Marathon with a finish time of 6:04:43, which pretty much means he was signing autographs all along the 26.2 mile route.

5. Did you know that... back in 2003, Dave stopped an intruder at his home... with a shotgun. Dave talked with the 'San Francisco Chronicle' about the incident, explaining... "Some character comes crawling over what is truthfully a 15-foot-high wall... He ran half the length of a football field around the corner, and when I finally quietly confronted him from the window, he started babbling in three versions of Martian and takes off running and yelling. One of the beauties of a shotgun is that you don't actually have to aim it at most people if you rack that thing as hard as you can a couple of times. Just like on television, I made him put his hands up behind his head and lie down in the sprinkler system. I went and called the cops. I was a little jumpy."

6. Did you know that... Dave actually developed the Diamond Dave persona in his very first band, the Red Ball Jets? It was then that he learned how to hop around on stage and pose for the camera.

7. Did you know that... Van Halen has been very profitable for Dave? According to the website Celebrity Net Worth, Dave's fortune is at least $40 million large. A big hunk of that likely came from the 2007 Van Halen reunion tours, which netted some $93 million bucks. All those mega selling albums don't hurt, either.

8. Did you know that... Dave once insured his sperm for a million bucks? Well, not so much the sperm, but the unwanted pregnancy associated with said swimmers. In the event Dave knocked up a groupie, his insurance policy would kick in and pay him a million bucks. That money would then go to cover the child support. Naturally, Lloyds of London held the policy. Romantic!

9. Did you know that... Dave was the victim of identity theft? Not in the steal-your-mail-and-credit-card-number way, but in the crazy imposter way. Back in 2008, a story circulated that Dave nearly died while in Ontario because of an allergic reaction to nuts. Turns out, the real Dave has no nut allergies and later Ontario police confirmed a David Lee Roth imposter was running around town, posing as the flamboyant singer. True to form, our beloved Dave says the only thing he's allergic to is "criticism."

10. Finally... some die hard Van Halen fans/historians swear that way back in 1975, David Lee Roth was considered as a replacement for Sammy Hagarin Montrose. If Roth had joined Montrose, the course of American arena rock would have been altered forever.

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