Most metalheads are aware that guitarist Jeff Young had a stint in Megadeth in the late '80s, but did you know that he had the option to audition for David Lee Roth's band afterward? In a new interview, Young revealed that he didn't audition for the role because he didn't want to, and the reason is pretty wild.

Young played on Megadeth's 1988 album So Far, So Good... So What!, and then departed from the band the following year. Dave Mustaine and Young both have different iterations of what caused the split, but in a new interview with The Metal Voice, the guitarist recalled being offered to try out for Roth's band shortly after.

"Jason Becker got the [gig], which I'm glad, because that gave him a chance to do one really killer project before he got sick," Young said. "I was being managed by Diamond Dave management, and that's how I got that offer."

The rocker explained that he rejected the offer to audition for Roth's band because he thought Roth was going to "end up in Vegas," which he did. But, he added a couple of other sentiments too.

"I just don't really like his voice to be honest, and I've now since learned he's a lunatic. So I made a great choice, he's nuts."

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Check out the full interview below.

Young now plays alongside fellow ex-Megadeth member David Ellefson in a band called Kings of Thrash, which is currently on tour. Their next show is scheduled for tonight (March 10) in Virginia, and you can see the rest of their upcoming dates here.

Jeff Young Reveals He Didn't Want to Audition for David Lee Roth's Band + the Reason is Wild

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