Eddie Van Halen Has Emergecy Surgery, Rockers Cancel Tour Dates
Eddie Van Halen has undergone emergency surgery for a "severe bout" of the bowel disease diverticulitis. The guitarist's recently reunited band has since cancelled their upcoming tour of Japan to wait for Van Halen to recover. The band took to their Facebook page to tell fans about Eddie's scary trip to the hospital, stating he is expected to have a full recovery within four to six month
Van Halen Cancel Summer Tour Dates
Update: According to a report on TMZ this afternoon, a source close to Van Halen says the band canceled the shows because "They're simply burned out" ... adding, "They want to make sure their concerts are not a routine ... they want every performance to be special...
David Lee Roth Embarrasses Fan at Canadian Concert (VIDEO)
Van Halen singer David Lee Roth didn't waste much time stopping the band's concert a few days ago in Winnipeg to chew out a fan for throwing garbage onstage. As shown in a quick YouTube clip, the group was performing a cover of the Roy Orbison hit "Pretty Woman" when Roth was walking back to center stage at the MTS Centre when what looks to be a plastic bottle or cup is thrown from the c
Van Halen, ‘She’s the Woman’ Video: Diamond Dave and Co. Premiere Clip
Van Halen has just premiered their video for "She's the Woman." The song comes off A Different Kind of Truth, the legendary hard rock group's 12th studio album, and first with David Lee Roth on vocals since their 1984 full-length. The live video features clips from various recent live performances, including the band's special club appearance at Cafe Wha...

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