A few days ago, when Van Halen announced they were postponing 30 tour dates, fans speculated that David Lee Roth and the gang were once again at each other's throats. The hard rock legends certainly have a history of infighting, but in a video posted this weekend, Diamond Dave offers another explanation: They're tired.

According to Roth, he and the Van Halen boys -- brothers Alex and Eddie and youngster Wolfgang -- are "getting along famously, better than we have in quite some time, and I think the shows reveal that through the miracle of YouTube."

"As usual we bit off more than we can chew when it came to scheduling," adds Roth, who shot the video with his dog Russell somewhere "just north of Minneapolis."

"The band is winning but our schedule has been sidelined for unnecessary roughness," he adds. "If we continue past July 4 and all the way into Australia and Japan then we're asking for the robot zombie tour."

Certainly, no one wants that. Dave says to "stay tuned," as the band plans to cycle back "in just a little bit."

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