He's got it bad, oh, so bad, he's hot for teacher.

He's also been bitten by the drumming bug! Little Avery Molek is an Alex-Van-Halen-in-the-making.

The aspiring drummer, 6, showed off his percussion skills with his excellent version of Van Halen's thunderous 1984 anthem, "Hot for Teacher."

He's only been playing for two years, but he is already a sensation in his home state of Pennsylvania and beyond.

We wonder what his teacher thinks of his song choice, though! But then again, plenty of first graders have crushes on their teachers.

Check him out, with the headphones and the impressive, enviable sticks skills. As a bonus, we've also included Molek's drum cover of Metallica's "Through the Never."

Watch Avery's Cover of Van Halen's 'Hot for Teacher'

Watch Avery's Cover of Metallica's 'Through the Never'

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