South Carolina's Crossfade have revealed that they will release their third album, 'We All Bleed,' on Oct. 26 through Eleven Seven. After two albums -- 2004's self-titled, platinum debut, which yielded the ubiquitous and moody single 'Cold,' and 2007's 'Falling Always' -- released via the major label system at Columbia, Crossfade are going indie again. They cut ties, shed skin and have emerged from these events stronger and more focused than ever. The album, which took three years to assemble, will cover lyrical topics of betrayal and isolation, which is familiar terrain for Crossfade.

Lead vocalist and co-songwriter Ed Sloan said in a statement that "[a] lot has changed over the past three years. There's been pain, but I've also learned to dwell less on the negative, so there's a feeling of rebirth, too." Crossfade's rebirth of sound on 'We All Bleed' can be heard from the start of the lead single, 'Killing Me Inside.'

Sloan admitted the business of being in a band choked his creative momentum within Crossfade, saying, "Coming from the success of the first record and losing our way after the second album hit me hard. You get signed, everything is golden and you think it'll go on forever," he says. "After that record, I was consumed with self-doubt, and I shut down."

Despite the drama surrounding the band in recent years and their penchant for penning gloomy music, 'We All Bleed' does have notes of hope and positivity throughout. "We've always been dark, and people need that as a backdrop to things they're enduring in their lives," Sloan also said. "But I like to think it's poignant, too. There's a new level of positivity that gets you ready to face the day."

'We All Bleed' track list

1. 'Dead Memories'

2. 'Killing Me Inside'

3. 'Prove You Wrong'

4. 'Lay Me Down'

5. 'Dear Cocaine'

6. 'Suffocate'

7. 'I Think You Should Know'

8. 'We All Bleed'

9. 'Open Up Your Eyes'

10. 'Make Me a Believer'