Crossfade cannot be stopped. Even after being cut from Columbia Records in 2008 after two releases with the label, the South Carolina band forged on to return with 'We All Bleed,' the best album they've ever recorded.

Even though it doesn't land in stores till June 21, AOL has an exclusive stream of 'We All Bleed' all this week.

"The first thing people will notice is how much heavier this new album is compared to our first two," says Crossfade vocalist-guitarist Ed Sloan. "There's a lot more going on -- layers of stuff in the guitars and vocals. We even have some orchestral stuff on the record. The overall feel on the album is dark, due to the presence of Les Hall [lead guitars, keyboards, producer] and my screwed-up brain [laughs]."

Noisecreep asked Sloan to elaborate. "When three years of touring and not ever being in your hometown, plus the whirlwind success Crossfade, comes to a screeching halt -- it's a scary thing. Not knowing what the future was going to be for me and the band was something I didn't handle very well. I knew there would be another album and another label at some point, but it seemed like such a daunting task at the time.

"I remember the day the tour bus drove away and I was just sitting there and thinking to myself, 'I don't even have a place to live.' I mean, I had my studio and my cat, but that was it [laughs]. I had to get my life together and that was really hard for me to do. I had just come out of three or four years where I had people telling me where to go and when – which was a good thing. My tour manager was great. But after all that I had to go back and learn how to do all of that on my own again. Apparently, I'm just not good at life on my own [laughs]. But I'm getting there."

During that difficult stretch of time, Sloan was lucky enough to have his family in his corner. "I'm sure my parents worried about me when that was happening," he says. "They've always been so supportive of me and my music stuff, and they were great when I was going through my depression. They never said, 'Get of your ass and get back to work!' They just gave me room and time to get over things.

"I even stayed with my mom for a period and then my dad. Actually, my father was going through some health issues with his back during that time off, so it was a blessing that I could be there to help take care of him. It brought us even closer together."

Although Sloan wrestled with his personal demons during the making of 'We All Bleed,' the album is all the better for it. Songs like 'Dead Memories' and 'Suffocate' find the group delivering the radio-ready hooks they're famous for, but this time out the performances are much more intense. Now signed to Eleven Seven Music, Crossfade are ready to start the next chapter in their already successful career.

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