The past couple of years have been a trying time for Crossfade. During that time, the South Carolina rockers got dropped by their label, lost a few members, and had their vocalist-guitarist Ed Sloan fall into a prolonged depression.

Today, Crossfade have re-emerged with a new and improved lineup, announcing that they have signed with Eleven Seven Music, home to Buckcherry and Papa Roach. "The people behind the label know exactly what we're trying to do, so I feel really confident about everything now," Sloan tells Noisecreep. Listen to Crossfade's new album, 'We All Bleed,' after the jump.

The group's new album hit stores earlier this week. The record's 10 tracks range from riff-tastic sing-alongs ['Dead Memories,' 'Killing Me Inside'] to more introspective power ballads ['I Think You Should Know']. One song in particular stands out on the record's track listing. "I knew when we recorded 'Dear Cocaine' that it would have people talking, but we felt passionate about the subject matter," says Sloan.

"We've been a touring band for many years now and we've seen a lot of things within that world. Now I'm not saying that cocaine is exclusively used by musicians and people in our industry, but we've found through our travels that it's a huge problem within our community. That drug can do so much damage and we've seen people we know and love go through that struggle.

"One day Les [Hall, guitars-keyboards] came around with a piece of paper that read 'Dear cocaine, I'm not your b----.' From there he had the idea to write a song where we treat cocaine like it's a person and say 'screw you for messing up our friends' lives.' We could have easily just called the song 'Dear Heroin' or some other drug, but for us we've had more people we know destroyed by coke than anything else. I guess you can say it was like some kind of dialogue between me and the drug and it felt really good to tell it to f--- off."

Listen to 'We All Bleed' from Crossfade at our listening party and check out the lyrics to 'Dear Cocaine' below:

'Dear Cocaine'

Dear cocaine, I'm not your b----

Dear cocaine, I'm not your whore anymore

I hate the day we ever met

The times with you I'll just forget

So dear cocaine, quit calling me

The phone is off and I'm fast asleep

I can't recall when we last slept

The times with you I'll just regret

What can I say, I said I'm not your b----

Or should I say, I'm not your whore... anymore

I'm not your whore... anymore

I'm coming down...

Dear cocaine, you're not my friend

Dear cocaine this is the end

'Cause I missed the days, when I used to smile

When life was simple and so alive

So dear cocaine, don't follow me

Don't turn around, don't say a thing to me

Let me go, 'cause I know

That I could do this on my own

Dear cocaine, I'm not your whore... anymore

I'm not your whore... anymore

Watch the EPK for 'We All Bleed'