Once upon a time, when a band went platinum, it meant that they would have their label's full creative and financial support for their next couple of records. In 2004, South Carolina melodic rockers Crossfade were on a roll. Their self-titled debut album spawned three hit radio singles and sold well over 1 million copies. However, when their sophomore release, 2006's 'Falling Away' failed to match its predecessor's numbers, Crossfade were dropped by Columbia Records.

Understandably frustrated, the band took some time off to reflect, re-group, and recharge its batteries. Now joined by former Bury Your Dead drummer Marc Castillo and armed with a new record deal, Crossfade are ready to get back on the road again.

Crossfade's third album, 'We All Bleed,' delves into familiar lyrical themes of betrayal and isolation, but vocalist-guitarist Ed Sloan revealed that there's also a hopeful message threading through the material. "Crossfade fans will hear and feel the things they know from us. It's pouring out our hearts, as we've always done," Sloan told Noisecreep recently. "But sonically, there is a new inflection. As a band, we have been reborn."

In this Noisecreep video exclusive, we get a peek into the making of 'We All Bleed.'


Noisecreep asked Sloan if it was tough being away from the road and the studio while the band's business side was re-organized. "Yeah, we've been on the sidelines for what seems like an eternity. It's an amazing feeling to be touring again, getting to share our new record with some new people, and reconnecting with old fans. It's nice to know that Crossfade has not been forgotten. We plan on pushing harder than ever to make sure our music reaches the world. And we feel grateful every day to be doing what we love."

Crossfade's latest single, 'Killing Me Inside,' is available now on iTunes and 'We All Bleed' will be out June 21st.