"The first thing people will notice is how much heavier this new album is compared to our first two," Crossfade vocalist-guitarist Ed Sloan told Noisecreep back in June. He's referring to 'We All Bleed,' the South Carolina melodic-rockers' latest album. Armed with the support of a new label (Eleven Seven Music), Crossfade have been out on the road since the record's summer release, performing for their loyal fanbase and wowing new fans along the way.

Now Crossfade are unleashing their video for 'Prove You Wrong,' an atmospheric rocker from the 'We All Bleed' album. Noisecreep is excited to bring you its exclusive premiere.

Watch 'Prove You Wrong' From Crossfade

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"Once we got off tour at the end of 2007, I went home, suitcase in hand and wondering what was going to happen to the band next," says Sloan. "At the time, I felt like I had disappointed a lot of people in my personal life so I started to push away the people I loved the most and really fell into a dark hole for a while.

"It finally came to a point where I realized that I've gotta pull myself out of this funk and let everybody know that I'm still the same person I used to be. 'Prove You Wrong' was the very first song that came out of this realization and at the end of it you can literally hear me screaming like the phoenix rising from the ashes."

Sloan introduced 'Prove You Wrong' with a heartfelt letter to their fans explaining his struggles with losing his way in the past few years. The song is as much an ode to himself as it is to all of the critics who doubted Crossfade would ever return after being dropped by their last label, Columbia Records. The band then encouraged their fans to speak out on Twitter and Facebook and describe their own stories and tag them #proveyouwrong.