Corpus Christi

"We're a metal band from Cincinnati, Ohio blah blah blah blah blah ... We came, we saw, we shredded, then we moshed," Corpus Christi's Jarrod Christman told Noisecreep. "We're gonna do it all over again and there's nothing you can do about it... so just get into it. If you like it, cool. If you don't, we don't care. Just don't blame us if you miss the party." The party officially stars on July 6, when the band releases their self-styled "slammin'" new record, 'A Feast for Crows,' which will be followed by touring and more touring.

"We'll mostly play songs from the new record on the road this year, because this new record shreds all over the last one," Jarrod said. "We'll still play a few of the crowd faves, but for the most part expect to be kicked in the face ... in the nicest way possible."

If you've not yet been exposed to Corpus Cristi, well, that's your loss. Christman thinks you, dear reader, will dig the band, "because we don't suck. But honestly, who knows. You just can't argue opinions. Hopefully, if they like us, they like us because they have good taste. But some people like blood sausage, so who knows. Really? Blood Sausage?"

And don't go assuming that the band took their moniker from the city in Texas. Because they didn't. "Because the name is Latin for 'body of Christ.' Kinda fitting for a Christian band, don't ya think?" Christman said. Yes, we think -- that having 'Christman' as a last name when you are in a Christian band is also a bit fitting.

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