Louisville, Kentucky's Coliseum have been relatively quiet on the release front since 2007's 'No Salvation' due in no small part to their relentless tour schedule but 2009 will see the release of a new EP / seven-inch, entitled 'True Quiet / Last Wave.' The seven-inch has no official release date yet, but Deathwish Inc. is accepting pre-orders now. And speaking of 'No Salvation,' that album just entered its third pressing; this time around it's available in 'Blood and Urine' colored vinyl (limited to 350) and 'Oil and Gasoline' (limited to 150) exclusively through ShirtKiller.

Coliseum frontman Ryan Patterson not only handles guitar and vocal duties in the band, but he runs his own label and he's a graphic designer. Patterson has just unleashed a limited (to 50!) edition art print, also available from ShirtKiller. The 18x24" posters are printed with water-based ink on 100lb French Speckletone Rain paper and are signed and numbered by Patterson. On top of all that, Patterson, along with bassist Mike Pascal and drummer Chris Maggio, somehow find the time to take care of many band-related business duties usually reserved for managers and the like. The band has a reputation for being DIY, so we asked Patterson to comment.

"DIY isn't particularly a flag we're waving," Patterson tells Noisecreep, "although it's certainly something that's deeply entrenched in my mindset and the way we operate as a band. Compared to some, we may be a bastion of DIY ethics, but there are many bands out there that are truly doing it themselves from top to bottom. I wouldn't want to make hypocritical claims when ultimately we are on a large independent label, we do have someone else booking our shows for us, and we are lucky enough to have certain opportunities that make being in a band slightly easier.

"On the other hand," he continues, "I do run a label that puts out many of our own releases, I do run a site that sells our merch online, I do design almost all of our artwork, we do attempt to operate in a manner that's as financially conscious and ethically considerate as possible, we do handle our own business and manage ourselves. I think there are a ton of bands out there doing things in a similar way, most of our peers came up from the same scene as us and keep the ideals that are important to them close to their chest."

A full-length followup to 'No Salvation' won't materialize until early next year, so 'True Quiet / Last Wave' will have to tide fans over until then.

"We will have played nearly 250 shows since the release of ['No Salvation']," says Patterson, "and after [our upcoming tour with Napalm Death] it will be time to disappear for a bit, recuperate, possibly reinvent ourselves a bit, write, record, and eventually return in 2010 with a new album and prepare to go on this wild ride again."