Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire

Denver's Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire will spend most of June on the road, supporting their new album, the glumly titled 'Songs of Ill Hope and Desperation,' which is their Prosthetic Records debut, due out June 8. The band's music is an anomaly -- it's been slapped with the paradoxical funeral grind tag, because it's too slow to be grind, yet too fast to fit the parameters of doom.

"We don't really have a secret as to how we write songs or perform them," vocalist Ethan McCarthy told Noisecreep about how the band is able to plant its feet firmly in two diametrically opposed worlds by manipulating dynamics. "We just tend to play what we like, which is a large variety of extreme music. We also try to create songs that flow well and have a lot of dynamics so that we can incorporate all of these ideas."

Having formed in 2006, the members have been trafficking in this genre long enough to have figured out a way to get it right. "We have all been playing heavy music for a long time, and it's the most important thing in our lives to all of us," McCarthy said. "Live, you can expect to see a brutal and honest show with four individuals who love what they are doing dishing out total auditory destruction."

So either stay home, bring an industrial-strength pair of ear plugs or enjoy the delightful damage that extreme metal inflicts on your senses.

Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire tour dates

6/6 -- Blastomant -- Denver, CO

6/7 -- Burt's Tiki Lounge -- Salt Lake City, UT

6/8 -- Red Room -- Boise, ID

6/9 -- The Fun House -- Seattle, WA

6/10 -- Pan B -- Portland, OR

6/11 -- Monstro's Pizza -- Chico, CA

6/12 -- 924 Gilman St -- Oakland, CA

6/13 -- The Blvd -- Boyle Heights, CA

6/14 -- The Rogue -- Scottsdale, AZ

6/15 -- Hideaway Lounge -- El Paso, TX

6/16 -- The Bearded Lady -- San Antonio, TX

6/18 -- The Drunken Unicorn -- Atlanta, GA

6/19 -- 1318 Little Hamilton -- Nasville, TN

8/28 -- Crabtree Brewery -- Greeley, CO