Cave In

On Jan. 25, Cave In will release their first CD in four years, as the vinyl-only EP they issued earlier this year, 'Planets of Old,' will be packaged along with a DVD of their June 2009 reunion show. Singer Stephen Brodsky is happy that it's coming out on another format, even though that wasn't the original plan.

"It was supposed to be vinyl only, but Hydra Head is in charge of those things, and apparently there was a demand from people that wanted it to be on CD," he tells Noisecreep. "From our end, it's kind of nice, because some of our fans being of a similar age or even older, still find comfort in holding a CD and being able to play it in a CD deck. Speaking for myself, I still occasionally buy records instead of stealing them, and I enjoy the packaging and the artwork and holding some sort of physical form while I'm listening to the record I just bought."

Vinyl is Brodsky's format of choice for several reasons, however. "I still enjoy the sound of records as opposed to CDs, simply because I like hearing a physical interaction take place between the needle and the groove," he says. "I certainly don't like moving them from one apartment to the next, that would be my biggest gripe.

"But there's something to be said about having artwork blown up to a size that doesn't require you to squint your eyes in order for you to see it. There's also something to be said for making music a little difficult to find. There are records out there in existence that still haven't found their way on to a proper CD release or even a digital download. Always having been a fan of some sort of element of mystery in music, the obscurity of vinyl just adds to that."

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