In 1998 it began with 'The Mosquito Control' EP, embossed with a metallic insect that became the seal of the quintet and containing what for most became the first listens of a spacious yet destructive sound -- which became the pin pointed definition of post-metal. After 13 years and five full lengths and too many EPs and limited releases to note, Isis have called it a day.

Late last night drummer Aaron Harris linked via his twitter to the lengthy final statement from the band saying, "All things come to an end. With a heavy heart, but filled with pride, I give this news."

The reason for the disbandment is quite simple, and respectful for even the most die hard fan. Simply put the band felt they have reached as far as they could. "In the interest of preserving the love we have of this band, for each other, for the music made and for all the people who have continually supported us, it is time to bring it to a close. We've seen too many bands push past the point of a dignified death and we all promised one another early on in the life of the band that we would do our best to ensure Isis would never fall victim to that syndrome. We've had a much longer run than we ever expected we would and accomplished a great deal more than we ever imagined possible."

The statement continues, "Our words can never fully express what we feel, but we hope that our music and the efforts made to bring it into being can serve as a more proper expression of gratitude for this life and for everyone in it. Thank you."

Next week the band embarks on their final tour, which will see the them playing Bonnaroo festival and joining up for a handful of co-headlining dates with the Melvins. The final on stage goodbyes will be in Quebec on June 23 at a show with Cave In, a very fitting end -- almost like it's 1998 all over again.

The band plans to finish up an already scheduled EP and seems to be planning to release more of their too expensive on eBay live series.

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