"When they say that C word, you can't believe it." Blink-182 guitarist-vocalist Tom DeLonge recounted the scary day last year at the doctor, after someone noticed a strange-looking spot on his chest. "It was just a little thing," he told Noisecreep. "Someone pointed it out and said, 'You should get that checked out.' I did, next thing I know it's 'By the way, you have cancer."

DeLonge's melanoma diagnosis was dealt with quickly, and today he's confident that they got everything. "They can never tell you completely that it's perfect but it looks like all is okay. I didn't have to get any chemotherapy or radiation. I was on the edge of having to do it, but thankfully, no."

Today, while on the 2011 Honda Civic Tour tour with his band Blink-182, sharing the bill with My Chemical Romance, DeLonge has created the opportunity for fans to get involved battling cancer, a disease which has also touched his immediate family.

"My dad has had a rare for of leukemia since I was in about 7th grade. But they've come up with some amazing drugs since then and he's doing really well today. And after my incident, I heard about Keep a Breast, they're located in a building where some of my businesses are, and I was really impressed with how they've created awareness. Those "I Heart Boobies" bracelets are huge among fans, they really help get the word out. So I'm just jumping on their bandwagon. They've done all the work and all I have to do is tell my story."

To help raise awareness, DeLonge, along with his alter ego -- Boomer, best known from Blink-182's 'First Date' video -- will be raising money for the Keep A Breast Foundation by having two packages available for fans.


One of the packages is a VIP Meet and Greet with him that comes with a bunch of cool swag. There is also a more expensive package which includes an original piece of artwork created by Tom Delonge and is limited to 5 of the packages each show. You can find out more and sign up here.

DeLonge is even is giving away two tickets and a AAA Package to the Honda Civic Tour in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Bowl on 10/8/2011 for the biggest fundraiser for his Boomer Loves Boobies team. The winner and a guest will be flown out to Los Angeles for a two night stay and a VIP experience with Keep A Breast and DeLonge along with autographed fine art print from Tom, backstage Meet & Greet at his dressing room, and a limited edition "I Heart Boobies" neon bracelet.

Listen to Blink-182's 'Up All Night'

As for DeLonge's future involvement in cancer awareness, he says he thinks the world is ready for a rock star to at least begin addressing how what we ingest and breathe in around us may be harming us. "So many artists today will talk about green this or organic that, but you know what? What we are eating, I think, is really doing a lot of bad to us. I'm not sure if I'm the guy to do it right now, because I have to clean up my house too, so to speak, but we've got to start addressing this. Too many people are getting sick today."

The contest ends October 1st and details are here.