For Record Store Day (April 16th), legendary label ROIR and hardcore godfathers Bad Brains are teaming up to re-release one of the most important pieces of wax in the punk canon: the 'Pay to Cum' 7" vinyl single. The reissue will feature a remastered version of the single, which was originally produced by Jimmy Quidd and released in 1980. The release will be available at all indie retail outlets participating in the Record Store Day program.

'Pay to Cum' returns to store shelves with its original artwork and lyric sheet insert. The 7" will be available in standard black vinyl, as well as in a limited number of colored vinyl.

There will be 250 red and 250 green copies pressed. The red and green pressings are available here. Also, for all you collectors, there is also a handful of gold 7" vinyl records, which are available from a limited European pressing.

ROIR will also release a collection of Bad Brains live recordings called 'Lost Riffs and Dubs' later this year.

Watch the video for 'Rise'

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