This one hurts a little. It's been 40 years since 1982. There's been a lot of rock and metal that has grown both genres in the years since, but 1982 was a pretty spectacular year for heavy music.

When we weren't busy seeing E.T. for the fourth of fifth time or trying to sneak in to see Fast Times at Ridgemont High, popping quarters into Ms. PacMan and Q-Bert machines or being afraid of being sucked into an alternate dimension through our TV, there was some great music to check out.

Both Judas Priest and Iron Maiden dropped albums that would ensure their seat at the table for the history of metal, The Clash took punk to the mainstream, while Bad Brains, Bad Religion and Descendents helped lay the groundwork for punk's continued existence through its second era. And acts such as Billy Idol, Survivor, Night Ranger and Van Halen issued albums that just started a hugely successful run throughout the '80s.

So, when it absolutely, positively has to rock, we've got you covered. Revisit these 50 Rock + Metal Albums from 1982 turning 40 this year.

50 Rock + Metal Albums Turning 40 in 2022

Four score, and still going strong.

50 Rock + Metal Albums Turning 30 in 2022

Three decades of excellence.

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