Dino Cazares is a busy guy. The singer-guitarist is currently working on a new Asesino album while also writing new material for both Fear Factory and Divine Heresy. When Asesino play shows on the West Coast and in Mexico this summer, they will test out some of the new material for their forthcoming album, due out in 2012.

Cazares recently spoke to Noisecreep about the entire concept behind Asesino.

"I don't know if anybody really knows what Asesino is about. He is an official character based on an actual person, who was an assassin for a certain mafia. You can put the two together. The theme of Asesino has always been the Satanic and evil. He's a hitman, so he goes and kills everybody. He's not particular on any type of person. He kills everybody, whether it's black, white, Iranian, Pakistanian, or whatever. Whoever's on the contract to kill, he kills."

"He has a couple of guys who are his helpers. One is Maldito X and the other guy is Sadistico. These guys are very perverted individuals. There's a lot of perversion on the records."

While it has been nearing six years since the last Asesino album was released, Cazares has been working hard on the follow-up and is ready to unleash it on the world.

"On the new record, it's going to be a continuation from the second record [2006's 'Cristo Satanico']," Cazares said. "On the first record [2002's 'Corridos de Muerte'], it's an introduction to who Asesino is. It introduces what his job is -- to kill. At the end of the album, he gets caught, gets sentenced to death on the electric chair. He dies and goes to hell. Unfortunately, the way he dies was a priest was frightened by what he said on the electric chair. The priest pulled the lever on the assassin. He goes to hell and strikes a deal with the devil. The devil says, 'I will grant you life on Earth but you have to carry out this one task for me.' Asesino says, 'No problem.'

"So, on the second album, 'Cristo Satanico', which means 'Satanic Christ,' Asesino comes back to Earth, since Lucifer granted him life on Earth if he carries out this one task. He had to go out and kill somebody. No problem. But also Asesino had revenge that he wanted to seek on the priest who killed him. He found out that his boss, a person he was killing for, was the person who set him up, got him in prison, and got him into the death sentence in the first place. So he had two people he wanted to go kill. That was his boss and the priest. Obviously when an assassin is going to kill somebody, he investigates where they go, where they work, what time they go to bed, what time they s---t... he knows everything about the person before he kills them. So he's investigating the priest, he finds out the priest is a pedophile. He likes to f--- little boys. He's been taking money from the community. He's been living very lavishly, very rich and wealthy. All of the money has been coming from the church and from the people. He's also been molesting little boys and raping them.

"So Asesino goes and captures the priest, tortures him and makes him admit to everything he's doing wrong. He tortures him and buries him alive, so he could suffer down there for all the suffering he's caused. At the end of the album, he confronts his boss and has his boss on his knees, saying 'I know why you set me up.' His boss was jealous of the assassin because he was gaining respect amongst the mafia, more than his boss. He ended up cutting his head off with a machete."

Cazares says that fans of Asesino should expect another epic themed album and nothing less.

"We have the new album, which will be out in 2012. We think that he will become the king of the world and with the Mayan calendar and all of that stuff. In Biblical terms, it's the end of the world, or it'll become the second coming of Christ. So we're thinking of calling the record 'The Second Coming,' which is 'El Segunda Venida.' Even though it's our third album, it's more based on the second coming of Christ than the end of the world."

"On the new album, the reason we are calling it 'The Second Coming' is because when he buried the priest alive, the priest gets out. He gets out of the grave that he buried him in. The priest is resurrected in a way. So it's going to be a battle of evil [against] evil... A battle between Asesino and the priest."

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