Asesino will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo by playing a free show on Thursday, May 5th at the Slidebar in Fullerton, Calif. The Spanish-language death metal trio has scheduled several shows specifically around the Cinco de Mayo holiday, which is already a fairly massive event particularly in their native Southern California.

Asesino guitarist Asesino (a.k.a. Dino Cazares) recently spoke to Noisecreep about his thoughts on the holiday and how to best celebrate it.

"Traditionally, we try to play shows around special Mexican holidays, or my birthday," he explained. "We usually have piñatas. Obviously, everyone knows what piñatas are. We usually fill it with party favors. When you have a piñata, for people who don't know, traditionally you stuff it with candy.

"For us, we stuff it with adult candy. We stuff it with weed. We put porno in there. We put condoms and t-shirts. All kinds of stuff. You'll be able to enjoy what's in there."

This is not the first time Asesino have played a special holiday show. "There was one time we did a show on 4/20. We did a show on November 2nd [for] Dia de los Muertos. We try to do it around special holidays. It just happened this year that we had time around Cinco de Mayo to do one."

Cinco de Mayo shows have become somewhat of an over-the-top tradition for the band. "One year we put a live chicken in [the piñata]," Cazares continued. "It was a fighting cock! [It was] one of those fighting roosters. We threw it in the crowd. It was funny because when we busted it open and realized there was a fighting cock in there, it was kicking everybody! Usually we like to put weed in there. The most we put inside of a piñata was a pound of weed. That's how Asesino celebrates Cinco de Mayo, sharing it with the crowd!"

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