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On March 15th, As Blood Runs Black will release 'Instinct,' their second album. Those of you who aren't familiar with the Southern California band should know that they perform a no-nonsense flavor of death metal that doesn't sacrifice songwriting for unnecessary technical hi-jinx.

Noisecreep is proud to present 'Angel City Gamble,' an exclusive track from 'Instinct.' We also recently spoke to As Blood Runs Black drummer Hector "Lech" De Santiago to get the inside scoop on the song and upcoming album.

Listen to 'Angel City Gamble'

Noisecreep: Tell us a bit about the song 'Angel City Gamble.' Where is it coming from lyrically?

Hector "Lech" De Santiago: 'Angel City Gamble' is about doing what you want to do, being yourself, and following your dreams regardless of outside negative influence and feedback. We feel it's a relevant topic for today's society and youth, especially with all the bullshit propaganda you see in today's media.

How is 'Instinct' different from previous As Blood Runs Black records?

'Instinct' is more straightforward and mature than our last album. The breakdowns are heavier, the melodies are catchier, the vocals are more aggressive, and the guitar solos shred. It's a perfect balance [of] where we were, how we've grown, and where we want to be.

We recycled the elements that made 'Allegiance' unique and notable while adding new ingredients that kept it relevant to today's scene. 'Instinct' lives up to [the] anticipation and we encourage everyone to get their hands on it and give it a listen.

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