Hailing from Ventura, Calif., Bermuda is a quintet delivering no-nonsense deathcore that is the ideal soundtrack for any moshpit party. Last year, the group released an EP called Isolationist(s) which fans of acts like Rose Funeral and Arsonists Get All the Girls quickly took to.

On July 17, Bermuda will be unleashing The Wandering, their debut album for the folks at Mediaskare Records (As Blood Runs Black, Bury Your Dead). Noisecreep has partnered with the band to bring you the exclusive premiere of "Polaris Breach," a track off of The Wandering. Check out the song below!

Listen to "Polaris Breach"

Bermuda gave Noisecreep some background on "Polaris Breach":

"This was one of the tracks on the album that flowed the easiest,the vocal patterns seemed to just fit the lyrics perfectly. This was also one of the more fun songs to track, Mike, Dan and I went in with high spirits and came out even higher! This tracks also a bit more catchy than what we've done before.

Lyrically, "Polaris Breach" deals with the multitude of fake or insincere people you meet in this industry. They'll come at you with smiles, praises and promises, but have their hands in your pockets (so to speak). Its easy to get caught up in the BS and we admittedly did briefly, only to look back and wonder how we'd lost so much."

Mediaskare Records
Mediaskare Records

Bermuda's The Wandering will hit stores on July 17 via Mediaskare Records. Pre-orders will be available soon on the label's official website.

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