We come from control / A paradigm that leads us through the valley / Into the mouths of wolves

--'Complex Terms'

"'Complex Terms' is about the illusion of progress," The Human Abstract drummer Brett Powell told Noisecreep about the third single from their newest album, 'Digital Veil.' "We think we are constantly moving forward, but often we are taking steps backward."

"We are comfortable giving up our valuable time for things that are not worth it, unable to balance our wants and needs," Powell explained. "We are being 'lead through the valley, into the mouths of wolves.'"

The Los Angeles-based metal band recently upped their game with the release of their third album on E1 Music. Now signed to a label with major distribution, the band's unique brand of progressive metalcore is positioned to be heard on a larger scale.

The Human Abstract is currently on the Atticus Metal Tour to support 'Digital Veil,' playing with Darkest Hour, Born of Osiris, and As Blood Runs Black.

Watch the video for 'Digital Veil'

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