Killer Lyrics: Forced to rock / Rebellion rebellion / In the name of the Devil Starve / To take down this life with a feast of famine / In the name of Satan we are forced to rock

Nuclear Blast's Arsis returns with their fourth studio album, 'Starve for the Devil,' and the Virginia-based thrashy death metal band has included a few surprises, lyrically-speaking. Aside from grindcore bands, few groups within the extreme metal genre have incorporated a sense of humor in their lyrics.

The lyrics to 'Forced to Rock' read like a how-to guide on a basic rule of metal: interest in Satan and 'rocking' to the music. Perhaps drawing on a rich tradition of hip-hop and country artists that self-reference the style and lifestyle of the music within the actual songs themselves. While this type of mirroring is reserved for some of the older metal bands, it's a refreshing change from all of the grim, serious business of the death metal scene.

Said vocalist and guitarist James Malone about 'Forced to Rock' on a recent blog post: "Sure, it may not be the cure for cancer, but it is fun and fun is something that I feel is lacking in a lot of the music out there today."

Arsis has planned a string of Canadian and American tour dates in January and February to support the release.

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