Thanks to the folks at The Daily Swarm, Noisecreep just found out about a hilarious video clip from last year (Yeah, we know we're late on this). Johnny Orlando Jr's Antibiotic Resistant Metal Show ripped a page out of the Howard Stern/Stuttering John book of interviewing. The show sent Johnny Orlando Jr. Jr. out to ask a bunch of metal bands where babies come from! Needless to say, it elicited a lot of raised eyebrows and awkward responses amid the funny ones.

Little Johnny, who is a tow-headed tot, asked Carnifex, Arsis, Misery Index, Revocation and Fear Factory where babies come from. It was Fear Factory frontman Burton C. Bell, who is a father of three, who dared to share the nitty gritty of baby making and birthing. He truly tells the story of the birds and the bees, from ejaculation to the sperm traveling to the egg. Little Johnny might need some serious therapy after learning how to make a baby at such a young age.

The other best answers? That babies come from Walmart, as well as Gene Hoglan's deadpanned answer: "The pits of hell." Both are viable replies!

Watch heavy metal musicians explain where babies come from

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