English sensations Architects UK are magazine cover stars in their native country, but most heavy music fans in the States have yet to discover the group. The gushing press attention they're being showered with in England is warranted. 'The Here and Now,' Architects UK's latest album, is a dazzling display of stadium-sized choruses and guitar fireworks. The Steve Evetts (Saves the Day, The Cure) produced effort certainly deserves a wider audience in America.

Architects drummer Dan Searle recently made the metal newswire when he filled in for Bring Me the Horizon on their recent tour and Noisecreep caught up with him in between dates. We wanted to get his take on Architects UK's chances on breaking through in the States.'The Here and Now' has been getting a lot of great press throughout Europe. Do you think that 2011 is the year you guys crack the States?

Who knows, obviously we'd be stoked if we managed to do it. We're definitely going to give it our best shot. It's something we've put a lot into and we realize that there is no simple way to break America. We could tour there flat out for the next 10 years and write the best albums ever written and it wouldn't necessarily mean that we become a successful band there.

We could be playing arenas at home and bars in America, it's very isolated in that respect. America doesn't pay attention to what is popular elsewhere, however the rest of the world pays attention to what is popular in America – it's strange. We will continue to tour there though and hopefully one day it clicks for us. If we do however not end up having success there in a few years, we will probably cut our losses and draw a line under it!

A lot has been made about the new record being less technical than your previous efforts. How conscious were you of that aspect of the songwriting when you were recording the album?

Of course -- we completely knew what we were doing. A lot of people seem to think it completely came out of the blue but actually we hinted at it a bunch on our previous record [2009's 'Hollow Crown']. It was the natural progression for us. Pushing ourselves in a technical way didn't do anything for us anymore. We are more interested in writing straight up good songs. Whether people like the new album or not or not is not of our concern.

You recently filled in for Bring Me the Horizon's Matt Nicholls while he recovers from a broken arm. How has that been going?

It was good. Obviously it was a real shame that Matt broke his arm and wasn't able to experience the shows with his band mates but I was just glad I could help more than anything. BMTH are some of our best friends and they've helped us guys out in more ways than we could possibly repay them but hopefully playing those shows was a start!

When can North American fans expect to see Architects UK again?

The plan is to go back to the States in September. We have to pick our tours carefully, but we have a pretty damn good one lined up.

Watch Architects' video for 'Day In Day Out'

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