A Plea for PurginsMmmm, burritos. We know we sound like Homer Simpson with that statement, but you must not have taste buds if you don't love burritos. Christian metal monoliths A Plea for Purging are about to release their new album, 'The Marriage of Heaven and Hell,' and they are sponsoring the unique Burrito Bro Down contest. Simply enter on MySpace, Facebook or Twitter, and the grand prizes includes burritos with the band, tickets to a show on the Scream the Prayer Tour and a guest appearance in an official episode of APFP's video blog.

Full details and instructions are available. We had to go straight to the source, APFP's large and in charge vocalist, Andy Atkins, to find out what this contest entails and to see how many burritos the big man can scarf down and what his relationship to the Mexican treat is.

"Wow Noisecreep, you calling me fat? Real cool," Adkins said with a laugh. "Nah, I may be big, but I have limits with burritos. A Qdoba chicken queso burrito will put me under the table -- especially with a side of chips and queso." It's hard to imagine a burrito taking Atkins out, but it's true!

He continued, telling Noisecreep, "I did however join the two burrito club with some of my buds. I had to knock down two burritos in one sitting. It was probably the worst idea I have had to date. They know me pretty well at our hometown Qdoba, so when I went back up for my round two burrito, my man behind the counter thought it'd be funny to make the biggest burrito of his career. This thing was huge! I was mega bummed. I finished it, but I wasn't happy about it. Since that day, I am a not-so-proud member of the two burrito club."

For the contest, APFP aren't making the burritos themselves. They are just going to eat 'em! "Although we love to play with the culinary arts, I wouldn't say any of us are professionals at making tasty treats! It'd be more of a punishment to make some kid eat a burrito I made. Instead, I'm trying to take kids to Qdoba if their town has one! If not, we'll find some mom and pop Mexican place and chow down just the same."

Mmmm, burritos. 'The Marriage of Heaven and Hell' is out July 6.

A Plea for Purging tour dates

7/2 -- Nashville, TN -- Rockettown

7/3 -- Charlotte, NC -- Amos

7/4 -- Douglasville, GA -- The 7 Venue

7/5 -- Orlando, FL -- Lyrica

7/6 -- Jacksonville, FL -- Murray Hill Theatre

7/7 -- Birmingham, AL -- The Vineyard

7/8 -- Pensacola, FL -- American Legion

7/9 -- Houston, TX -- The Warsaw

7/10 -- San Antonio, TX -- White Rabbit

7/11 -- Dallas, TX -- The Door

7/12 -- Tulsa, OK -- The Marquee

7/13 -- Memphis, TN -- The Arbor

7/14 -- Louisville, KY -- Headliners

7/16 -- Willmar, MN -- Sonshine Festival (INDOOR STAGE)

7/17 -- Omaha, NE -- Grace University

7/18 -- St Louis, MO -- Firebird

7/20 -- Albuquerque, NM -- Sunshine Theatre

7/22 -- Las Vegas, NV -- The Farm

7/23 -- San Diego, CA -- Epicenter

7/24 -- Pomona, CA -- Glasshouse

7/25 -- Orangevale, CA -- Club Retro

7/27 -- Seattle, WA -- Studio Seven

7/31 -- Denver, CO -- Heavenfest

8/3 -- Dayton, OH -- The Attic

8/5 -- Gilford, NH -- Soulfest

8/6 -- Vineland, NJ -- Hangar 84

8/7 -- Allentown, PA -- Crocodile Rock

8/8 -- Baltimore, MD -- Sonar

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