"I'm ready to give up on life," bassist Paul Nelson Hansen wrote on MySpace. "Embrace the pain and say goodbye to all my sorrows." Hansen, who plays in York, Pa. metal cover band Disorderly Conduct, reportedly said his violent goodbyes at one of the band's shows ending with party host Melissa Barnes being shot and killed.

Eyewitnesses have said there was a struggle between Hansen and Barnes, who booked the band, after she came to the aid of women reportedly being harassed. Accounts say after shoving between the two, Hansen pulled a handgun shooting Barnes in the head. He's being charged with homicide, five counts of assault (one aggravated), terrorist threats and reckless endangerment.

Hansen's online social networking sites are being examined for motive and understanding, citing his depressive status updates and referring to himself as 'The Interstate Madman.'

Hansen has been denied bail and is currently residing in county prison.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to all hurt by this tragic event.