When it comes to summer package tours, Rob Zombie and Atreyu are seasoned veterans. They've both played Ozzfest (Zombie headlined the second stage and played the main stage twice. Atreyu performed the second stage twice -- sometimes at 9 AM), Zombie did England's Download with White Zombie when it was still called the Donnington fest. And for the past couple years, Atreyu have bounded from nation to nation playing European festivals.

This year, both bands will be highlights of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival -- Zombie as the second to last act on the main stage (right before Korn) and Atreyu as the headliners of the Silver Star Stage, which also features Norma Jean, 3 Inches of Blood and In This Moment. So, for the second week of our pre-festival Month of Mayhem coverage, we've asked Zombie and Atreyu vocalist Alex Varkatzas to discuss what they're looking forward to about Mayhem, how they feel about rock festivals, surprising moments from past summer tours and post-summer plans.


Zombie talked about how this year's show will feature more pyro and special effects than ever, and Varkatzas said Atreyu's fireworks will be metaphoric, but clearly visible in the band's frenetic performances. Zombie also explained how to make money on a summer tour -- or any tour for that matter -- while Vatkatzas took notes and listened intently, and Varkatsas talked about how he's planning to keep training on the road so he's in prime shape for his post-Mayhem mixed martial arts amateur fighting competitions.

The rockers were interrogated by ''Creep Show' moderator Jon Wiederhorn, who wouldn't know Muay Thai from Kung Pow Chicken. The other panelists were freelance writer Jen Guyre, RockEdition.com editor Michael Duncan and Austerity Program guitarist and vocalist Justin Foley.

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