Wolves in the Throne Room

When a band makes ambient, plays-by-its-own-rules black metal like Wolves in the Throne Room, it's no shock that the musicians who make the music have unusual, non-band hobbies. Wolves in the Throne Room guitarist/vocalist Nathan Weaver and drummer Aaron Weaver have an interesting endeavor. They own an organic farm in Olympia, Wash.

"We moved on to a rural piece of land almost seven years ago," Aaron told Noisecreep. "We renovated the collapsed buildings and built new barns, pulled the weeds and brush with the intention of creating a stronghold against the mainstream society. I met the woman who is now my wife around the same time, and she set to work building the fertility of the soil. It is now an abundant organic farm that has become an important part of the fabric of our community. We are blessed with the finest produce, honey and meat. It has been an amazing experience of learning and transformation that has always been connected to the music of WITTR. I will never abandon this lifestyle."

Weaver admits he doesn't do much actual farming these days, though, "since the past 18 months have been so full with travel and musical pursuits. It's been a trade off I've been willing to make, because I value this music so much. My wife runs the farm with the help of some friends. I work as much as I can when I'm in town, mostly doing carpentry work or fiddling around with the tractors. After we return from Europe in early summer 2010, I will have many months to finish up a long list of projects at the farm."

Much like he is bucking convention with his organic farm, Weaver hopes his band does the same. He said, "I think too many people listen to extreme music as a exercise in fantasy. I wish that more people would realize that this sort of music is a call to set the world aflame with a positive transformational energy."

Extreme and experimental black metal isn't just about spewing disdain. It's about much more!