Washington-based black metal purveyors Wolves in the Throne Room are currently planning three tours in 2010, which finds them traipsing across Australia, the West Coast and Europe, covering previously uncharted territory like Scandinavia and Russia.

But after the band's last road trip, the guys were left weighing the option of never touring again or seizing more control of how they toured. Luckily for black metal fans, the band chose the latter and will now travel with their own sound system and a crew, both of which will allow them the control over the atmosphere, the vibe and the sound they so passionately desire to achieve.

"In essence, we have become quite disillusioned with touring," vocalist/guitarist Nathan Weaver told Noisecreep. "Performing in bars and s---ty clubs like the Knitting Factory in L.A., for example, is something we plan to avoid from now on whenever possible. The atmosphere in those sorts of 'venues' is poisonous. We plan to focus more on playing underground venues and warehouses as much as possible for all future shows, especially in smaller towns. This decision will require us bringing our own sound system on the road, because punk spaces don't usually have a system that can handle our needs."

That's nothing if not admirable and a true manifestation of unobstructed black metal in its purest form. The band's next tour begins on Feb. 10 in Portland, Ore. with a string of dates with Atriarch, Megatron Leviathan and Chasma.