The wizard saves the day ... again! The character, who appears in White Wizzard's 'High Speed GTO' video, reprises his role in the super fun 'Over the Top' video. The wizard does battle with the evil sorceror, who plays a soprano saxophone, the same thing decidedly un-metal Kenny G plays, and saves the Wizzard boys from certain non-metalness.

Like their throwback music, which celebrates the heyday of thrash, White Wizzard's videos are loudly and proudly metallic! Vocalist Wyatt Anderson told Noisecreep, "The director Davey Vorhes did our video for 'High Speed GTO' and had the idea of a witch chasing after the band and the wizard coming in. For 'Over the Top, instead of a witch, we had the evil sorcerer, and the wizard had to save the day again."

The video was shot in Joshua Tree, Calif., so the snow you are seeing is authentic. "We wanted to film it in an old Western town, and that was where the set was, so that's why we filmed it there," Anderson said. The singer also acknowledged that the video is not ironic, nor are the song and its title. "It's supposed to be not serious," he said. "It was hilarious. We're poking fun at ourselves. How can you not have fun doing something like that?"

The actors in the vid had as much fun as the band members while shooting. Even the actor who portrayed the sax-loving sorcerer did his heavy metal homework. "We were filming the first day, and we did the bar scene first," Anderson recalled. "We were ending the day, and a car pulled up and a guy popped out. And we were like, 'Are we going to get shot?' But he came up and asked, 'Are you White Wizzard? I am playing your sorcerer tomorrow. I watched the first video and thought it was fun, so I'm looking forward to this.'"

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