White Wizzard

White Wizzard celebrate iconic metal images, such as denim jackets with patches, Liquid Metal libations and metal horns in their videos. So Noisecreep decided to put vocalist Wyatt Anderson to the test and ask him to choose his preferences on some very metallic imagery. White Wizzard's debut full-length, 'Over the Top,' is out March 9 via Earache Records.

Bullet belt or a metal fist?

Bullet belt. I am ex-military, so ... but seriously, to me, that is something that has been more or less associated always with metal. To me, that is a significant thing, as far as heavy metal goes.

Iron Maiden or Judas Priest?

Oh my god, are you serious? Wow. Oh my god. Oh boy. I am going to piss people off saying this, but I will go with Priest. I have to go with Priest. To me, if you listen to Judas Priest, that is what I consider the very first heavy metal band due to the fact that they had the music, the look and they brought the leather and studs look into metal. Maiden may have brought in the new wave, but Priest were around before that and released some good albums, like 'Sad Wings of Destiny,' which is the first true heavy metal record, thanks to the artwork, the look they developed and the music.

Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Are you asking about Stallone because of 'Over the Top,' the arm wrestling movie? (Editor's Note: Yes, we were.) I live in California and Arnold is the governor, so I will go with Arnold.

Slayer or Metallica?

Ooh. Wow. It depends on which era, I think. For me, Slayer have not compromised their sound their entire career.

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