Ozzy Osbourne may be known as the Prince of Darkness, but that doesn't mean he doesn't startle. FaZe Clan visited the Osbourne residence for a few rounds of "What's in the Box?" with the rocker's family, and it's pretty hilarious.

For the challenge, the organization had a custom Ozzy Osbourne box based on the album artwork for his upcoming release, Ordinary Man, out tomorrow (Feb. 21). The participant stands behind the box, which is open facing the crowd, and has to stick their arm through either hole on the side and guess what's inside based on how it feels.

Osbourne, his wife Sharon and son Jack all partake in the game, in addition to the FaZe Clan crew. Throughout the video, they touch snakes, turtles, insects and even a puppy, which is probably the most humorous part of the entire segment. As the singer watches the other players take their turns, he screams and provides a lot of other hysterical commentary.

With the recent news that Osbourne's tour has been postponed again, it's definitely uplifting to see the metal legend in such high spirits. Watch the video below.

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