A pair of pickpocketing Slipknot concertgoers have each landed a stint in the slammer.

The duo swiped dozens of cell phones from fellow attendees when the band performed at England's Manchester Arena on Jan. 16.

Mihaita Marius Caban and Marius Patriche targeted Slipknot fans as they were "jumping up and down" during the concert, the Manchester Evening News reported this week (Feb. 19).

After getting nabbed by venue security, Caban was arrested by authorities and found to have 14 phones hidden in swimwear underneath his clothing. Police arrested Patriche after victims tracked their stolen phones to his location, a hotel in nearby Salford.

It was there that responding officers found a suitcase with ten mobile phones during a search of his room. The investigating officer, Detective Constable Marcus Haigh, said the two had "preyed on unsuspecting music fans."

"Thieves like Caban and Patriche are drawn to busy environments," he added. "Not just concerts but train stations and anywhere where their victims may be temporarily distracted. We advise people to stay vigilant in these situations and to keep an eye on their belongings at all times, making sure they are safe and secure."

Both Slipknot cell phone bandits will now be spending a respective term behind bars. On Feb. 3, Caban entered jail for four months after he pleaded guilty to the theft charges. Two days later, Patriche received eight weeks in prison.

Haigh thanked the "keen eyes of security staff at the Arena" for first spotting Caban's dishonorable activities.

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