Former Anthrax vocalist Dan Nelson has pleaded guilty to assaulting two elderly men. The musician was arrested Sept. 11, 2019 for the incident, where the victims reportedly commented on Nelson being drunk while performing a set.

According to the NY Daily News, Nelson had a regular gig performing at a Queens hotel near LaGuardia Airport. After a gig, 74-year-old James Paolino said, “You had a rough night,” only to be assaulted by Nelson inside an elevator.

"He’s whacked. He can’t even tune his guitar. He had been drinking non-stop,” he told the News. “He started kicking me and punching me in the head. These were real MMA (mixed martial arts) kicks. He knocked me down. I’m on the floor bleeding,” Paolino said. “He broke my glasses and I knew the next kicks were coming for my head. I’m helpless.”

73-year-old Philip Falcone tried to step in by saying, “Hey, he’s complimenting you,” but also was struck by Nelson. “I’m still shaking. It was very traumatizing. He knocked my hearing aids out. This guy is an animal,” Falcone said.

Attorney Marc Isaak, who has represented Nelson in a past civil suit, told the New York Daily News, "I've seen the video, and what they're saying is not correct. I can tell you that there was no bloody altercation. That's completely false." Nelson's criminal defense lawyer, Michael Arbeit, declined to comment.

As reported by MetalSucks, Nelson pleaded guilty to two charges from the incident — Felony assault of a victim 65 or older and misdemeanor assault for recklessly causing physical injury.

Dan Nelson sang for Anthrax from 2007-2009, eventually being replaced by John Bush. Nelson also sued Anthrax for songwriting contributions that allegedly ended up on Worship Music and the dispute was settled out of court.

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