Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe has traveled the world, and as an avid surfer, he's also become quite aware of the pervasive nature of plastic in the environment. Blythe penned a piece for Kerrang, speaking on the environmental impact of plastic and how our continued dependence on it as a society is unsustainable.

Blythe says that visits to beaches often yield plenty of visible plastic littering the environment, while also often minuscule micro-plastics enter our food chain as fish digest them. He also adds that out in the oceans, it's not uncommon to come across floating collections of plastic as well.

Speaking more in-depth about what plastic is and how it affects our environment, the singer states, "I also don’t know if people understand where it comes from. Plastic is made from petroleum, or at least 95 percent of it is. So eventually petroleum and oil is going to run out, because it’s a fossil fuel. It takes millions and millions of years for organic matter to compress down and become coal and oil. So we don’t have that kind of time because humanity is multiplying at such a rapid and exponential rate that we’re consuming more and more and more energy."

He continues, "It’s a non-sustainable product and it kind of drives me crazy when people stick their head in the sand about this. We need to move away from using petroleum for A) fueling everything, and B) building everything."

Because of the eventual unsustainable nature, Blythe says it's more important than ever to find alternatives. "It would make sense to start seriously looking for clean alternatives right now. Solar, wind, that kind of thing. That’s purely from a pragmatic level. From an environmental level, this is pretty catastrophic," says the singer. However, awareness of the forthcoming issues remains a problem.

Read Blythe's full article on plastic here and look for Lamb of God's new self-titled album following on May 8.

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