Suicide Silence lead guitarist Mark Heylmun has threatened to leave the United States if President Donald Trump wins re-election later this year.

That's what the musician indicated during an extensive interview on an episode of the "Scars and Guitars" podcast that emerged earlier this month (Feb. 8).

Joking that "if Trump wins again, I very well could just leave America," the Suicide Silence member offered his endorsement of a potential Democratic opponent. Heylmun also shared his opinion about the larger world's current regard for the United States due to the present administration.

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"Traveling throughout America, dare I say it feels like we are not one country," the guitarist observed. "It feels like there's such a divide in the kinds of people that we have. I don't wanna bash the Bible Belt or the middle of America. But the difference between them and people on the coasts — that's where all the blue is. And that's where there's this massive divide. And that's where Trump wins."

Heylmun joined Suicide Silence in 2005, and the musician described how the political climate has shifted from a touring performer's purview. He even went so far as to claim that he hides his nationality on the road.

"I was traveling when [President George W.] Bush was president, and I thought that was bad," he said. "Now, it's like, I straight-up just tell people I'm Canadian."

Urging that "anybody is better than Trump" concerning the global estimation of the U.S., Heylmun endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination.

"I'm all for Bernie," the musician stated. "I think if Bernie can take this one, that's gonna change the viewpoint of how people are looking at the United States."

Heylmun returned to Suicide Silence last year after taking some time off in 2018. The band's new album Become the Hunter arrived last week (Feb. 14). Catch the group on tour this spring with Jinjer and Toothgrinder.

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