When Type O Negative's frontman/bassist Peter Steele passed away earlier this year, the metal community reeled in pain. A few months have passed since Steele exited this earthly plane, so it's only natural for fans and metalheads to be curious about the next moves that remaining and former members of Type O would make.

Here's an update on ex-drummer Sal Abruscato -- who manned the kit for crucial Type O records like 'Slow, Deepand Hard,' 'Origin of the Feces' and 'Bloody Kisses' as well as four Life of Agony records -- is stepping out from behind the drums to sing, play guitar and write songs in a new outfit called A Pale Horse Named Death.

Abruscato is joined by fellow New Yorker Matt Brown. The duo will release 'And Hell Will Follow Me' as soon as possible, once they navigate negotiations with record labels.

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