Never heard of Tweak Bird? That's okay. Members of Tool have heard Tweak Bird and have picked them to open up for the band on their upcoming string of shows here in the US and in Canada. "Honestly, we were very surprised and honored just to hear that our name was in the hat for possible openers for the tour," Caleb Bird of Tweak Bird told Noisecreep about this huge announcement for the duo.

Opening for Tool is a reason to celebrate, and not just because as a band you get to watch Tool play every night, but also because Tool personally picks who opens for them so this a seal of approval. The rabid fans of Tool know this, so they go into the show giving the opener respect. Past band to get this accolade have included Isis, Mastodon, and Meshuggah. According to Caleb, Adam Jones and Danny Carey of Tool have seen them play a few times. "Guess they like us okay enough to invite us on tour with them," Caleb said.

Not too long ago Tweak Bird were traveling the country opening for Big Business, but those shows were small club and bar shows. If a guitar got swung too far someone in the crowd got hit in the face. But these are arena shows. "These shows will be for sure the largest venues we've ever performed," Caleb added, "but we're ready. It's been our dream to play for crowds this large so that will be the fun part."

But Tool are not just sending out the brother's of Tweak Bird to just fend for themselves, they are giving tips and hints. "Adam's advice to us was to keep the set moving, just in case the crowd is less then welcoming." This bird will sore.

The Tool/Tweak Weak Bird tour runs from July 19 until August 7.

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