Modern death metallers Through the Eyes of the Dead return with their third full-length of Prosthetic Records, entitled 'Skepsis.' It's a Greek word from which we get the English word 'skeptic,' and it illustrates perfectly the album's overarching concept and artwork.

"We wanted to do things a little differently this time lyrically," guitarist Justin Longshore told Noisecreep. "The narrative is a first person story based on how one's mind can take over through paranoia, fear, skepticism, etc. and control you as an inner demon."

Hitting the canvas for the new release was Paul Romano (Mastodon, A Life Once Lost, Chiodos), who has done covers and layouts for the South Carolina-based band previously. "He just really dig deeps within the concept, lyrics and music, and takes time on reflecting the album in itself," Longshore praised Romano's approach. "Artwork is just as important to me as the music, and I really think this is our best layout yet."

"There is so much to look at. We've seriously been staring at it since we've gotten it and noticing new things each time. The main cover has a figure with blood squirting out of his arms and the blood has morse code in it for 'Rebirth'. This is just one of the many things that tie in with the album."

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