Season of Mist

A Life Once Lost vocalist Bob Meadows was on his way to officiate a wrestling match when he spoke with Noisecreep before heading out on tour. "It's high school, not professional. Chris Jericho is not going to come out and hit me with a chair," the singer joked.

Even though he has a cool extracurricular activity, he spoke about the current state of the band and the far-reaching effects of taking a little time off, as well. ALOL's latest album Ecstatic Trance is out now.

Were you a wrestler? Is that why you are officiating?

I wrestled for 15 years. I coached for a few years. This is my third year officiating. I used to do camps, and I was gung ho. It's in your blood. When I get on the mat...It's one of those things. I am happy doing it. I do some grappling. Maybe I can officiate MMA matches or something.

A Life Once Lost hit its peak in the mid-'00s and then you stepped back and slowed down after releasing Hunter, one of the best albums of 2005 and of the '00s.

We had our time in the spotlight. I fell away from the scene due to circumstances beyond my control. But now, it's like we were gone for such a long time. There are a lot of bands that we helped along the way, that we took out on tour, or lent a hand to. But now, no one comes to our table.

The band is not a full-time endeavor by any means. It has become more fun and more something we do just to do it, and if the opportunity presents itself to pursue it in the fashion that we did before, I can guarantee we will take it.

Why did you step away?

We toured, but then we were starting to burn out. [Guitarist] Doug [Sabolick] was in a bike accident and suffered a concussion. When that happened, we were like, 'Let's have some breathing room.' I jammed with a few other bands, and we did our own thing. Justin eventually left to pursue school and career in physical training. We may have shot ourselves in foot taking time off, but fuck it. We can still be a dominant force when playing live.

A Life Once Lost tour dates:

March 12 @ SXSW -Austin, TX
March 13 @ Spider House Ballroom Austin TX – THE TEXAS ROCK N ROLL MASSACRE Daytime
March 13 @ Hangar Lounge (4th & Colorado) – Metal Wreckage showcase ~ALOL plays at 8:30 pm
March 13 @ Metal & Lace / Headhunters – OFFICIAL SXSW SHOWCASE ~ALOL plays at 1 am
March 15 @ Melotov @ 1808 E. 12th ~ALOL plays at tba, doors @ 4 pm
March 15 @ The Annex at 1808 – Austin, TX
March 16/17 @ The Music Ranch – ALOL plays at 3 AM
March 17 @ The Chameleon Room – Oklahoma City, OK
March 18 @ Fubar – St Louis, MO
March 19 @ Jenny Wiley Convention Center – Prestonburg, KY
March 20 @ Ultra Lounge – Chicago, IL
March 21 @ Mickey Finn's Pub -Toledo, OH
March 22 @ Broadway Joes – Buffalo, NY
March 23 @ Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
March 24 @ The Acheron – Brooklyn, NY

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