The title track from Gojira's masterful L'Enfant Sauvage premiered today. To borrow a phrase from our friends at Metal Sucks, it sounds like elephants marching. Take a listen and prepare to have your head ripped clean off your neck. The album drops June 26 via Roadrunner [Pitchfork]

A Life Once Lost are knuckling down in the studio, but they paused for a minute to offer an update. "We are hustling along here with this album," stated vocalist Bob Meadows. "It's going to be a beast of a record and fans can expect a little more honesty both musically and lyrically with an amalgamation of the ALOL signature style and some other surprises that have yet to be over played within the metal community." That's good news. [Adrenaline Press Release]

Band and record label relationships aren't always strained! Swedish melodic death metal overlords Dark Tranquility have renewed their deal with their record company for the third time! That's nearly unheard of. But if it ain't broke... Dark Tranquility issued their CMR debut in 1999 and have put out six albums, two DVDs and a smattering of special releases in that time frame. [Century Media Press Release]

Poppy punk pioneers The Offspring have premiered 'Days Gone By,' the title track of their upcoming studio effort, which is their ninth. Have a listen to tide you over until the album's bow later this summer. [NME]

Slayer are offering a merch contest on their online store. The loot includes rolling papers, a belt buckle, magnets and more. It's everything you need and want from Slayer! [Slayer Web Store]

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