Last year saw Italy's Secret unleash their third full-length -- and first for Southern Lord. Within moments of the initial descending riff on 'Solve Et Coagula,' it's clear there is no forgiveness to be found on this record. This is chaotic hardcore out for the kill and not a trophy. Guitarist Mike Bertoldini told Noisecreep this darkened sound is a design that comes with age. "The music just reflects the fact I'm a much more bitter person now than three years ago. We used this record to collect all our frustration and anger. It was an outlet for all the negative sides of our lives and minds."

The Secret will be crossing the pond for their recently-announced second US tour, alongside Los Angeles black metallers the Funeral Pyre for a must-see tour that begins in March 12 in Berkeley, Calif. The foursome was originally planning to return last year, but tragedy put the planned trek on hold.

The band's first time to the States was opening for Early Graves in 2009, and the plan was for both acts to tour together again last year. However, a van accident that ended with Early Graves frontman Makh Daniels untimely death canceled everything. "This tragedy had a big impact on our lives," said Bertoldini, seemingly overjoyed that he will get to spend time with former Early Graves guitarist Chris Brock, who is now in the Funeral Pyre. "I'm gonna see a lot of friends I haven't seen in awhile and I'm gonna visit new parts of the country I've never seen."

One thing you won't see members of the Secret doing on this tour is drinking outside the venue, as last time Bertoldini came very close to being arrested for one of those tricky open container laws. "On the second day of our first tour, we were somewhere in Oregon and I went out of the van with a beer in my hand," the guitarist recalled. "After three seconds, the sheriff's car parked right in front of our van, but he didn't notice me. It's funny, because I really didn't even know I was doing anything illegal, so I kept walking around drinking my beer until someone from Early Graves told me I could have spent the night in jail for doing it.

"I really love most parts of the United States," Bertoldini said, confounded by the laws. "I can't understand why it is legal to walk around carrying a gun, but you can go to jail just because you drink a beer. Come on."

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