The Great Commission's video for 'Draw the Line' literally jumps off the screen. We almost got dizzy during the aerial shot, which made us feel like we were jumping with other bodies knocking against ours. You might need a Dramamine before you watch this clip.

Noisecreep is pleased to premiere the video for this moshtacular song, where lots of synchronized jumping takes place in what had to be a very hot venue as the band plays its chunky, pit-approved riffs. The band members, who are dedicated Christians, are dressed in all black with tattoos and ear stretchers.

Watch the video for 'Draw the Line


The performance footage shares space with plot scenes involving a hot blonde with a rad tattoo across her chest going to a party with her dude. They drink and mingle until she goes to the bathroom and separates from him. He wanders among the beer pong players and then finds her cavorting with another party goer! Busted.

If you like Throwdown, Norma Jean or other messianic mosh bands, then you will dig The Great Commission and 'Draw the Line.' The video certainly does its best to make you feel like you are in the pit with the band.

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