There are Christian metal bands, and then there are The Great Commission, who plan to release their second album, 'Heavy Worship,' on July 12th via Ain't No Grave Records. The Great Commission are unequivocally worship-driven, and the music is as spiritual as it is brutal. The band has boldly proclaimed that rather than perpetrate more of the same within the Christian genre, 'Heavy Worship' is something completely and totally new.

"What we are doing differently on this album is creating an entirely new genre," guitarist Angela Razo recently told Noisecreep. "We're not contemporary. We're not Christian hardcore or metalcore. We're breaking down the walls of all of these clichés, from our message of 'You can be a Christian and have tattoos and piercings and listen to heavy music,' to our Hillsong United cover, where we take a contemporary Christian song and make a 'Heavy Worship' version out of it."

'Heavy Worship' is such an intense record that producer Andrew P. Glover, who recorded the album at Sound Temple Studio, deemed it "undoubtedly the most taxing recording experience I have ever been a part of."

Apparently, the process was so mentally and physically exhausting due to overlapping touring schedules. "We were forced to fit a record that should have taken a month and fit it into just over a week of recording, which is something that everyone thought would be an impossible feat," Glover continued. "With the aid of a few hundred dollars worth of Rockstar and a ton of determination on all of our parts, we were able to finish just in time with the record that will define what the Great Commission has become and will help them forge forward in the future as leaders in both the Christian and secular scenes."

Satanic metal be damned! The Great Commission are making Christian metal as cool as it is heavy.

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