Los Angeles' black metal fiends the Funeral Pyre have released a new song, 'Personal Exile,' from their forthcoming effort, 'Vultures at Dawn.' The album is out through Prosthetic on June 8. Our good friends at MetalSucks premiered the song, which we have to agree, puts the 'fun' in Funeral. The song is gnarly, with the first full minute being an intro that builds up to some serious, black-burned, American metal mayhem. What we love about this song is that it's not a U.S. band trying to sound European. It's pure American filth.

The band will play an album release show at The Blvd in the Boyle Heights section of Los Angeles. The show is scheduled for June 5. It's an all-ages event, with sets from Early Graves, Exhausted Prayer, Bomb Raid and Execution Protocol to precede the Funeral Pyre.

The band will also tour this summer. Check out the song, but perhaps grab a pair of earplugs beforehand, because 'Personal Exile' is deafening.

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