The Famine's unhinged death metal ensures the band will never have a video based around happy thoughts and symbols of wishful thinking. Despite the band's openly religious bent, the Texas metallers stick to an apocalyptic and chaotic focus. Prepare yourself for the 'Ad Mortem' video.

"The video was shot in my dad's steel fabrication shop after a few days out on the road with Living Sacrifice and Becoming the Archetype," frontman Nick Nowell said, filling Noisecreep in on the clip's origins. "We drove through the night from Little Rock to Dallas in order to shoot this thing, so we were all sleep deprived."

Watch the Famine's 'Ad Mortem' Video


Under the direction of Michael Dalton -- who, according to Nowell, is "a gentleman and a scholar" -- the foursome took to the shop seemingly unaffected by not only their lack of sleep but also by the bitter cold rushing in. None of those elements can keep the band down, though.

The Famine's long-awaited sophomore album, 'The Architects of Guilt,' has had its share of set backs, from original frontman Kris McCaddon stepping down -- as his New York residency proved to be too rough on the band's continued progress -- to the band losing their equipment and early recordings of 'The Architects of Guilt' in a studio fire.

'The Architects of Guilt' is out Feb. 15 on Solid State Records.

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