Chris McCaddon, vocalist for the Famine, recently left the Dallas-based metal powerhouse and is being replaced by the band's bassist, Nick Nowell. "Yeah, the departure of Chris was a difficult decision for us to reach," drummer Mark Garza told Noisecreep. "But Nick is going to be amazing. We have already tracked several songs with him over the past few days in the studio that we have down here in Texas [at Squirrel Army Studio], and he just makes the tracks come alive with his range and intensity."

The band's press release stated that McCaddon's residence in New York City prompted the decision, a problem Garza elaborated upon, saying, "We were just too disjointed with our other situation and we couldn't play live unless it was a big deal and we could get plane tickets and coordinate due to Chris' N.Y.C. location."

Garza cited geography again when it came to associating the Famine with the Dallas/Fort Worth music scene. "We also really wanted to make the Famine into a true Dallas band," Garza said. "And claim DFW as our home base with regular shows and regional tours between the national touring we do as well. We think this is real important."

The Famine are currently recording the follow-up to their Solid State debut, 'The Raven and the Reaping.'

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